Customers come first as Kramer return to Bees Buzz portfolio

30 May 2023

There are few things as satisfying in business as the return of former clients. Circumstances during the early days of the 2020 Covid lockdown meant that Kramer and Bees Buzz parted company, literally months before their new ownership and leadership changes.

Following experiences with other agencies, Kramer are once again working with Bees Buzz – and we are thrilled to be reunited! In the past eight weeks, Bees Buzz has helped Kramer publicize key staff appointments, numerous thought leadership comment, case study representation and award entries throughout EMEA – with much, much more to come.

These days, there is a more dynamic and customer-focused approach from the Israeli-based manufacturer than ever before. Regionalized autonomy has seen Kramer’s territory managers using local knowledge and relationships to get closer to its customers’ needs and ambitions. From a PR perspective, this benefits Bees Buzz who are able to be more pro-active with these managers, with directorship and final decisions now coming from Kramer’s new Amsterdam HQ for Europe.

This is all part of Kramer’s future commitments, as Robert Methorst, marketing director for EMEA, explains: “While customer intimacy has established us as a strong player in the AV market, our collaboration with local channel partners further reinforces our position. Our managers and their teams can optimize their local knowledge, with the back-up from our Israel HQ when needed.”

“We are focussed on excellence and are delighted to once again be working with Bees Buzz, who have proved, in a short space of time, their considerable expertise in our specialized markets.”

Kramer are, of course, one of the most renowned global manufacturers of AV solutions, with huge presence in the Americas, EMEA, Middle East and APAC. Such a footprint requires broad understanding of the nuances between the continents, with the ability to dovetail when required.

Kramer’s partnership with SI and distribution partners extends beyond mere collaboration; it reflects the company’s shared vision of providing exceptional customer experiences on a global scale. Here at Bees Buzz, we are proud to support that vision with our services.

Robert continues: “We recognize the global nature of our industry and the diverse needs of customers in different regions. By leveraging our global perspective, industry expertise, and the local insights provided by our partners, we are able to deliver tailored solutions that address the specific requirements of each market. Kramer is committed to the ultimate customer experience – we listen, we act and we go the extra mile. We provide useful resources and personalized access to ensure that partners and institutions have the context they need in order to make the right decisions.

40 years of expertise, combined with probably the broadest engineering stack in the market, Kramer strive to deliver the world’s leading audio-visual experiences. Their products are behind the scenes and on tabletops in boardrooms, classrooms and control centers around the world.

 Innovation is at the heart of what comes next, and this is what Kramer is all about. As Robert concludes: “We are striving for a world where technology puts people first and where the feeling of here and there, online and offline fades into the background. Kramer uses technology to solve tomorrow’s problems, today. We help you help your customers create the best possible audio-visual experience.”

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