WHAT can WE do for YOU?

Welcome to the website for Bees Buzz Public Relations Limited. Providing a dedicated PR and consultancy service to the AV industry, the Bees is run by people who know and understand the AV channel, its technology and its markets.

Contact the Bees for a no obligation chat on how we can support business growth with services including:

  • Press Releases
  • Case Studies
  • Award Entries
  • Content Creation
  • White Papers
  • Social Media Strategy and Training
  • Website Creation and Management
  • Full Digital Design Service
  • Event Support
  • Reports and Metrics

The best buzz – for less

By using Bees Buzz, clients see immediate impact in brand interest and, ultimately, sales. With our beautiful offices in Suffolk, we avoid costly overheads and deliver a genuine value-for-money retainer service that we’re confident can’t be beaten.


People. First

Did we forget to mention? We’re decent, honest folk. We’re reliable, we don’t hassle and we don’t apply pressure. We just get on with the business of doing what we do – professional AV public relations. And we’re really good at it, too.

Business benefits

Working solely in professional AV, Bees Buzz staff know many of the key players in AV media around the globe. We also operate at ‘ground level’ and work with many integrators and consultants on case studies and award entries. Using this broad network, we aim to bring new business to our clients where possible.