A warm welcome to the new Bees Buzz website

1 June 2023

With Spring being the time for all things new, we have great delight in sharing our new website with you. 

This is a time of year when we receive a lot of natural marketing – Bees are everywhere! – so it makes sense to go with the season and freshen up our own hive. Our previous website design had been in place for eight years, so we were overdue in bringing a clean, fresh look that reflects where the business is today. 

It has given us the opportunity to not only look back on Bees Buzz origins, but also to recognize our successes and embrace the future with great optimism. 

The origins of the Bees Buzz brand can still surprise some. People have guessed that it’s purely for the colours – black and yellow is the colour combination that naturally attracts the eye more than any other, after all. Others have guessed it’s the nature-loving, organic element that drove the decision. 

The above reasoning all has an element of truth, but the core reason is much closer to home, as our MD Stuart Hillis explains: “In a word, it’s family, or to be more specific, my two daughters and my amazing wife, Emma.” 

Bethany, Emily, Emma, Stuart 

Stuart continues: “Bees are known to work tirelessly and together as a team for the greater good, so the acronym was the perfect fit for the company ethos. Plus, of course, we get plenty of excellent free branding from Mother Nature from May to September! Our team continues to grow with talent, but we remain united to that family ethos.” 

In 2023, Bees Buzz has seen the return of one of our renowned former clients – Kramer – as they choose Bees Buzz to amplify their messages across EMEA. We have also gone fully global with Philips Professional Displays – PPDS – after four years of delivering staggering results across EMEA and North America (over 1,400 pieces of Bees Buzz-generated coverage in 2022!). 

These are just two big name highlights that we can mention – the reality is that, despite challenges of recent years, all our clients have continued to enjoy market-leading publicity and growth in their brand, whether through the AV industry at large or to specific vertical markets such as education, hospitality or facility management media. 

With a growing team of highly experienced writers and marketers, Bees Buzz can boast one of the strongest content creation teams in the business, with a truly global network that is as widespread as it is robust. 

Our Bees make their own honey, so have no need to sugar-coat our offering – we simply deliver outstanding results with excellent technical knowledge, strong channel experience, plus over 60 years of communications and media know-how. 

We welcome you to our new website. Please do reach out if you think we can benefit your business. 

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