Large Dell display sees Bees get interactive at Suffolk HQ

9 November 2023

So here’s a first – a short case study from Bees Buzz Public Relations about an install project at Bees Buzz Public Relations!

With digital signage and interactive displays being an essential part of the modern workplace, we were delighted to be offered the opportunity to feature an imposing 86-inch, Ultra HD interactive Dell display for our office.

This huge display – the C8618QT for the SKU checkers among us – came to Bees Buzz via valued client Hotensify, who had it as excess stock from a large corporate project.

Hotensify specialize in Hospitality and Public Spaces installations and its founder and managing director Anthony Tizzard very kindly suggested our office would benefit from this fantastic, 4K kit – allowing us to view content as a group, share ideas on the interactive display, plus have a stunning visual backdrop while on our numerous video calls with our pro AV clients and connections.

With dates and logistics agreed, the Hotensify team went about bringing the large – and heavy – display to Bees Buzz offices in Suffolk, UK. And when we say heavy, we mean 125 kilos / 275lbs.

A twin trolley brought the display through the corridors of our Colonial House office – a former apprentice training school – where thought was given as to how this beast of a Dell was going be hung on a non-brick internal wall.

Calculations were made for a thick piece of plyboard, secured at six points, with a heavy-duty Chief mount then fixed onto it. The science and load calculations dictated that this backboard & bracket combination would be good to hold loads up to 600lbs – more than enough to provide peace of mind.

Then came the task of (not) lifting the display. Deep into the evening, it was decided that Hotensify’s two-man team, along with Bees Buzz MD Stuart, were not going to confidently lift, hold and secure the valuable display to its elevated position.

A rethink was needed, and the team returned with a winding lift that made light work of cranking the screen into perfect alignment with the bracket bars. We were on!

With the display in place, thought was given to a minor office redesign to make the most of the new technology. New office furniture was purchased, new 4K HDMI cables and, along with a new plant or two, we now have a stunning new working environment that gives us access to superb, collaborative technology. Heartfelt thanks to Anthony and his fantastic team at Hotensify.

Currently, display content is provided by a laptop PC, with consideration being made for a dedicated media player and desk-operated stream deck for simple content switching. Focus now turns to our second ‘twin’ office – through the brown door in the image below – as we continue to expand our offering. #Buzzing

If you’re looking for a PR agency who love their tech as much as they love getting great results, get in touch!

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